Diese Instagram-Fotos haben eine wichtige Botschaft über psychische Gesundheit

Heidi Williams macht wunderschöne Fotos - um sich selbst zu therapieren.

Es ist leicht, sich in den wunderschönen Fotos von Heidi Williams' Instagram-Account zu verlieren. Mit Yoga-Posen und beeindruckenden Umgebungen bringt sie ihre FollowerInnen zum Staunen. Die Fotos haben aber auch eine wichtige Botschaft.

A couple months ago, I was going through one of the most stressful experiences of my life. It was a particularly bad day and my anxiety was starting to get out of control. So I went on a walk. While I was walking I suddenly got a whiff of the lavender bush next to me. I stopped, picked some, held it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Instantly, my muscles relaxed, my adrenaline calmed and my mind came to a stand still. I turned to my husband and said "Holy shit. I need this in my life!" I picked a bunch more and brought them home with me. I smelled those lavender sprigs every time I felt the anxiety coming on and every time I had the same reaction. Stillness. It became my new obsession. It was like yoga in a bottle. After several weeks of stashing lavender sprigs everywhere, I decided to call my friend who is an essential oil expert. I told her " I think I need some essential oils." She also knew about my journey with emotional trauma and said "I had a feeling you were going to call at some point. And I have the perfect kit for you. It's called the emotional aromatherapy kit, and it's designed to help balance emotions and is effective for emotional trauma as well." Having just experienced what I did with the lavender sprigs, I was all for it. I ordered my kit immediately. You guys… these oils are insane. I only wish I wasn’t so new to them. That I would have had access to these oils when I first started my healing journey. in a nutshell: Inhaling the therapeutic oils DIRECTLY affects the part of our brain that stores emotions (the amygdala) as well as the part that controls our stress levels and hormone balance. These oils are my God sends and my go-to's throughout the day. They have been unbelievably effective for dealing with the roller coasters of anxiety and depression. I love these oils as much as I love my yoga and meditation practice. If you are interested in recommendations or getting the same kit I got- which I highly recommend: *email me at hw89essentailoils@gmail.com and follow my new essential oils page: * @hw89essentialoils Where I will be posting an oil a day and the emotional benefits of it.

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Williams fing an, Yoga zu machen, als bei ihr mehrere psychische Krankheiten diagnostiziert wurden. Auslöser dafür war ein Ereignis im Jahr 2013, als ihr kleiner Sohn fast gestorben wäre - und nur durch Wiederbelebung wieder zum Leben erwachte.

It's been a long time since I shared my story of PTSD. So with all the new people here, I thought this would be a good time to share again. Diary of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anxiety Part 1 of 3: When Silas (my now 4 year old) was 6 months old, he died. He was in the bathtub playing with his toys when I noticed he wasn't breathing, started turning purple and slumped over. I immediately screamed for Dev (my lover and husband). He rushed in, yanked him out of the tub, took him to the front room and started doing CPR. Nothing. It had been around 10 seconds. I started dialing 911. And everything slowed down. 11...12...13... His skin had turned a sick bluish grey color now. 14..15.. His eyes relaxed and stopped..16.. His mouth went slack and his tongue is partially out. 17..."911 what's your emergency?" hysterically crying "my baby's not breathing!" 18...he's dying...19...I could hardly get my address out. ..My baby is dying...20...and that's when I felt it. Something happens to you when you accept the truth that someone you loved more than life itself has died. 21...And I felt it. It was the feeling of that heart I had grown specifically for him, dying...22... He was dead..23... And so was part of me....24...this can't be real... 25....no...26...No ...27...NO!!!!...28... I cant...29.. Dev was still trying to get him to breathe..30... (30 seconds doesn't sound horribly long until you breathe your air out and hold it. Its. Long.) In desperation Dev cried out to God begging for him to breathe. ..31...32... 33...Did I just see that????...34...his chest rose the tiniest fraction of an inch... And again...and again... They weren't huge gasps but it was oxygen. Flowing to his lungs. He was alive. "OH MY GOD! MY GOD! THANK YOU GOD! HE'S ALIVE!!!! ....part 1 of 3....

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Die Mutter konnte das Ereignis nicht vergessen und wurde bei den kleinsten Verletzungen wieder daran erinnert. Nach Monaten des Leidens ging sie zum Arzt. Es wurden schwere Depressionen, eine Angststörung und ein posttraumatisches Belastungssyndrom bei ihr festgestellt. Neben der Therapie half der Mutter aber auch: Yoga.

Heute teilt sie ihre neue Leidenschaft mit der Welt - und verbreitet über Instagram wunderschöne Fotos in Yoga-Posen, um eine Diskussion über psychische Gesundheit anzuregen. Sie macht damit anderen Betroffenen Mut, sich Hilfe zu holen.